Saturday, September 4, 2010

when is enough, enough???

this one is about my friend.  i am not supposed to be talking about it, let alone write it but i cant get her out of my mind since she dropped by two days ago.  i think i scolded her bad and i feel guilty.  maybe that's why i am writing this, to get someone else's opinion.  not necessarily an ally.

the story is, she is a she and is in-love with another she.  actually they have been living together already for more than a decade.  sounds like a strong relationship?  only on the surface if you ask me.  the girl betrayed her for i dont know how many times already.  the worse is, she even sired a baby whom my friend is devotedly taking care of since.  okay, okay...  so everyone is entitle to commit mistake.  she was wrong and she was forgiven.  end of the story.  so why am i still reacting?  because here she goes again telling my friend she wants out as she is yet again in-love with someone else.  i dont say i blame her.  it may have taken a while but she still realized she is a normal human being, capable falling in love with the opposite sex, which is just the normal thing in the first place.  that's why i am not mad at her one bit.  i am at my friend, because she would not let her go. 

i asked her where does she think she stands now and she said in limbo....  i said why not face it head on?  she got a thousand and one excuses which really pissed me off.  in the end, after the not so good exchanged of not so nice words, i simply told her she is selfish.  i know i was harsh but i was hoping that would open her mind.  it did not :-(  when is she going to wake up?  will she ever grow up?  when she will realize that enough is enough?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

my second day....

and i am getting more confuse.  saw two comments and i thought wow!  then found out laiz did it for me.  she said she blog hopped in my behalf, whatever that means.... 

well, i might end up using this as my diary :-)  i used to write some before.  wrote for about 15 years???  am not sure but just around that much i think.  why did i stop?  because i realized that i was only writing when i was depressed.  and geees, you would not believe, i did not either, i had an entry about every other day.  it means i was depressed that often.  naisip ko, pag namatay ako iisipin ng makakabasa, kawawa naman pala si jo...  what a miserable life she lived...  pathetic, huh?

well, i went to the city today.  did my favorite thing, window shopping.  i wish i could do an actual one but not yet...  so until then, window shopping will have to do.  hmm, i got a stuff or two.  yung cheap lang para hindi nakaka guilty :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


after much ado, i am here.  i dont know if i am doing it right, but laiz (pronounced lice) my cousin Mommy Liz  (an addict blogger herself - hehe) who tirelessly convinced me said i will get the hang of it in due time.  honestly, i dont know what this is about but i decided to give it a try partly because i am curious and partly because maybe it might help me kill time.  since i gave up my job last year, after 21 years mind you, and with both my kids "almost" grown up now, i have more time in my hand than i know what to do with.  true, i am still working, looking after an internet shop that my sister and i put together so my kids and i can get by, but looking after it is the most boring job anyone can ever have.  i simply need to have an outlet or i'll go nuts.  i burried myself in my novels for some time but even that had gotten boring after a while.  so this is it, i am now another blogger.  i may or may not stay.  it depends on laiz :-)